Our Story



Oolō home is an afro-contemporary, design and lifestyle brand which embodies the ethos of slow living - a lifestyle celebrating the escape from busyness and chaos of everyday life, reclaiming of precious time and dedicating it to that which is most essencial.

All pieces have been purposely curated to evoke feelings of calm, joy and intentionality. Many of our pieces are made locally on the African continent while others are brought in to compliment current collections. 

Our founder believes in creating a safe space at home which generates only good feelings for those living and visiting the space and is heavily influenced by her time living in Australia.  

In a time when the whole world seems to be focused on how to be and have more, oolō’s gentle call towards mindful principles of simplicity, community, intentionality and calm is a breath of fresh air. 

We believe that everyone intends to live a more beautiful and wholesome life and we want to be the first place that Africans turn to when designing their home or office spaces.

We like to think that a lifestyle centred around wellness should also factor in self expression through how we present ourselves to the world and how we curate our personal environments.